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History of the Bayanihan Cultural Organization

"Bayanihan" means sharing and working together, a very popular cultural trait of the Filipinos. The organization was formed in 1994 with the following objectives:

(1) to preserve and promote the Philippine cultural heritage;

(2) to foster goodwill among people;

(3) to help develop the potentialities of the Filipino-American compatriots toward leadership and cultural awareness and appreciation, through learning the cultural arts in folkdance and folk music.

The organization was founded by Araceli Carbonell and Edwin Lozada with the cooperation and assistance of there fellow officers and performing members. The group has been lauded with its cultural and aesthetic performances so much so that the members have decided to further their pursuit with the overwhelmingsupport from the community. Indeed, they have doled out unselfishly their time and effort in this cultural venture for the sake of the young and talented members to help quench their thirst for cultural identity and professional growth. As a reward for the wonderful endeavors, the members are given some incentives or scholarship awards raised from the donations of sponsors or proceeds from cultural performances and more.

The group has been admired and awarded for their performance in folkdance under the leadership annd choreography of Araceli Carbonell and Edwin Lozada, with the accompaniment of the folk music "Rondallistas". True enough, the intense desire to revive the glory of the past through cultural awakening has encouraged the adults and the students to understand, to love, and help propagate the diverse cultural heritage with pride.



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